Laptop fire scenario



The objective is to adequately assess the situation and neutralize the fire in a team approach with an Attacker (A), Buddy (B) and Communicator (C).

Simulated circumstances

This scenario simulates the thermal-runaway of a laptop computer on a tray table during flight in day-light conditions.


Required for this training exercise are:

  • Laptop on the tray table
  • 2 filled fire extinguishers
  • Water-filled coffee can
  • 2 PBE’s (Protective Breathing Equipment)
  • 2 pair of gloves
  • 1 PED containment bag

Attention points

  • Check if Buddy is standby with water-filled coffee can
  • Check if glowing spot is cooled down properly
  • Check if Buddy is standby with second fire extinguisher
  • Check if laptop is removed (only when safe!) and stowed in a containment bag

Reference video