Installation Job Guide 2 – Positioning cabins



The objective is to off-load the cabins from the truck and place them on the support points.


Instructional video of Installation Job Guide 2


  • A crane capable of lifting a load of minimal 5,000 KG (11,000 lbs)
  • Four ropes or chains with a length of minimal 6 meters (20 ft)


  • The fire trainer is NOT built in a cargo container but in a cabin.
  • Due to the construction and design of the fire trainer cabin, handling with a spreader or a fork lift is strictly FORBIDDEN.
  • Make sure the twist locks on the truck are UNLOCKED before lifting the fire trainer.
  • For on- and offloading from a truck, the fire trainer is equipped with four LIFTING HOOKS.
  • Due to its construction, the fire trainer may only be lifted on these hooks with ropes/chains, or on a flatbed.
  • When the fire trainer is lifted to higher elevations than the truck, a flatbed shall be used.
  • The ropes/chains have to be provided by the crane operator and shall be fastened to the lifting hooks fitted at the top of the fire trainer.

Job instructions

  1. For lifting the FIRE TRAINING CABIN make the ropes or chain to the correct length by shorten them on the side of the technical room by approx. 40-50 cm (15-20 inch).
  2. Connect the ropes/chains to the lifting hooks on the roof of the cabin.
  3. Remove the white plastic protection foil from the bottom of the cabin.
  4. Carefully and slowly lift the cabin and place the cabin on the support points.

For V9000 Commander™ only:

  1. Bring all four ropes/chains back to minimal 6 meters (20 ft).
  2. Off-load the OBSERVATION CABIN
  3. Make sure the space between the two cabins is exactly between 2,0 and 2,5 cm (0.8 – 1.0 inch)

Instructional video